From 1994 at Summaga di Portogruaro (Venezia)

Our company operates in metallic carpentry and sheet metal processing since 1994.
The constant research in technological innovation and the mutual and continuous exchange of work experiences among suppliers, customers and employees allow us to ensure complete and competitive, high quality and reliable services.
We have the certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, as testimony of our commitment to customers: offering services of the highest quality, improving more and more every stage of production.

Services and applications

Laser cut

The cutting department is equipped with two laser systems with automatic loading and unloading of the sheet metal.


High technology, with particular attention to the product and the operator who has to build.


The department has a continuous wire TIG welding, for manual and robotic processing.


From agriculture to the appliance, from fixtures to plant, hobby.

Competent and reliable

We can offer a wide range of processing techniques of sheet metal, alloy and stainless steel: cutting, shearing with assisted and laser systems, automatic punching, molding technician, wire welding and TIG manual and with robots, calendering and CNC bending, turning and polishing.
We are accurate and reliable: our philosophy is not just deliver a piece worked well, but above all provide a complete service tailored to customer requirements.

Latests news

Some processes


"We turned to Lorifer for the production of our Fry Top stainless steel. The technical department supported us brilliantly during the design and construction of prototypes, suggesting truly innovative solutions. We are very satisfied with the services of Lorifer and quality of each product Fry Top."


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